World Habitat Day took place earlier in October, with people all over the world celebrating the places they live. Nature-loving Fremantle Press authors Deb Fitzpatrick and Cristy Burne explore what it’s all about, and suggest some exciting activities on that theme for the classroom or at home.

It’s no secret I love science and stories. The two aren’t so very different: they both rely on discovering new things, they both require wonder, and they both rock August, that mega-month when National Science Week and Children’s Book Week unite.

Cheryl Kickett-Tucker is no ordinary children’s author. Once a community newspaper sports journalist, now a research scientist, associate professor and, most importantly, a writer of children’s fiction, Cheryl’s stories appear in Bush and Beyond, a collection of Indigenous stories with tales from Tjalaminu Mia, Jessica Lister and Jaylon Tucker.