In Helen Milroy’s newest picture book, Owl loves the sparkle of the stars and sits on his tree at dusk waiting for them to appear. But Owl becomes worried one evening when his favourite, Little Star, doesn’t show herself. So Owl searches far and wide using all his strength to bring her back. This free […]

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'Help Owl and Little Star Sparkle'

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It is with much sadness that Fremantle Press acknowledges the passing of Binjarib Nyoongar woman Louise K. Hansen. Her memoir, Smashing Serendipity: The Story of One Mooorditj Yorga will be published with Fremantle Press in February 2023. In what turned out to be the final week of her life, Louise signed off on her book […]

nlimited Futures: Visionary, Speculative Blak and Black Fiction is now available and we’re over the moon for all the contributors, editors, designers and publishers involved. A week past the release, we asked editors Rafeif Ismail and Ellen van Neerven to reflect on the journey thus far.

Hassan Al Nawwab was born in Iraq in 1960 and came to Australia in 2003 with his wife and children. He is a poet and journalist who has published three volumes of poetry and two plays in Arabic, and has received numerous awards for his poems.

Vociferate | 詠 is Western Australian writer Emily Sun’s debut poetry collection. Alice Pung has described the book as ‘polemical, personal and political’ – in it, Emily meditates upon a range of issues that have shaped her world. Emily was born in British colonial Hong Kong to stateless diasporic-Chinese parents, who are descendants of Chinese […]