Growing up, Kathryn Lefroy was not allowed to watch television, and was instead encouraged to create stories for herself and read books. Kathryn gave up writing for fun when academia and university studies took her away from her path. So when she did circle back to it, Kathryn said she made a conscious decision not […]

The amazing Helen Milroy returns to the podcast chair for her first interview of 2022. Helen chats to the co-creator of Stars in Their Eyes, Aśka. You’ll love hearing about Aśka’s journey from high flying physicist to high flying visual storyteller – what a leap of faith! She chats about her unique collaboration with Jessica […]

Ruth de Vos says children’s books inspired her textile art long before she became an illustrator. With six children in the house, she says storybooks were always a big part of family life, and she developed an appreciation for their brilliance and their accessibility as an art form. In this podcast, she takes us behind […]

It has been an amazing two months of Love to Read Local Radio, and today’s episode is no different. We’ve brought together Madelaine Dickie (Red Can Origami), Helen Milroy (Backyard Birds) and Brenton E. McKenna (Ubby’s Underdogs Series) to discuss why they love to tell stories.