James Foley says the transition from a part-time day job to making a living from his craft was huge and he does not recommend any one quit their job, overnight, on a whim. It took James 14 years to get himself to the point of earning an income from his work as an author/illustrator. In […]

Jessica Walton, co-creator of the new graphic novel Stars in Their Eyes, says when young people become disabled or are born with a disability, they’re often in a family of non-disabled people and don’t always get connected to the disabled community soon enough. She’s passionate about all young people getting to see themselves represented in […]

Born in 1927, Gladys Milroy was taken to the Parkerville Orphanage at two years old and spent the next 14 years separated from her mother, Daisy. Gladys say, ‘I think the thing is about growing up in an orphanage is that you live in a story all the time because that’s the way you survive.’

Leanne Hall joins us on the podcast! We are so pleased to have a bookseller chat to us. Leanne is an author of young adult and children’s fiction and works as an online children’s and YA specialist at the independent bookshop Readings. Once you’ve listened to this podcast you’ll feel like you know your local […]

Katie Stewart said she turned to art because she couldn’t keep up with her two older sisters who were incredibly bright. Drawing was her way to do something that distinguished her from them.

Lesley Reece, founder and former director of The Literature Centre, joins Claire Miller and Georgia Richter for a chat about how to prepare yourself to face a room full of under-17s! Leslie imparts top tips for aspiring children’s book writers while Claire and Georgia discuss the merits of book hoovering. Writer and editor Amanda Curtin […]

In this episode of the Love to Read Local podcast Mel Hall tells to our host Maria Papas that curiosity led her to writing her novel, The Little Boat on Trusting Lane. Mel says, ‘I was living in Fremantle and I was pretty curious and a bit questioning about some sort of wellness stuff that […]

Susan Midalia says families can be nurturing, or they can be really damaging, but most of us have them. Family plays a key role in her latest novel, Everyday Madness. Susan says the book is about the ways in which ordinarily rational people can become irrational due to certain personal or social circumstances. She says […]

Ruth de Vos says children’s books inspired her textile art long before she became an illustrator. With six children in the house, she says storybooks were always a big part of family life, and she developed an appreciation for their brilliance and their accessibility as an art form. In this podcast, she takes us behind […]