Speaking to host Brooke Dunnell on the Fremantle Press podcast, novelist David Whish-Wilson said the main problem he sees from his students as a Creative Writing teacher is ‘overcoming the fear of the known; overcoming this fear that your life is somehow not authentic and your life is not as interesting as other people’s.’ David’s […]

Tyrown Waigana joins the podcast to chat to Helen Milroy about the importance of learning the Noongar language and believes his collaborative book with Jayden Boundry, Noongar Boodja Waangkan, could change how we interact as a culture. Tyrown says, ‘It would be cool if this book influences everyone around here and we start talking Noongar […]

Bron Bateman sits down with Unlimited Futures contributors Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes and Afeif Ismail to chat about translating texts and the consequential loss of original meaning and intention. ‘Because language is very much intimately linked with the history, the experience, the culture of the people in question,’ says Yirga ‘when we are unable to bring […]

In this episode of the poetry podcast Andrew Sutherland talks to Bron Bateman about how he found his queer identity as a teenager through cult TV, horror movies and science fiction. Andrew says, ‘I really enjoy as an art-maker bringing academia or bringing the canon or the classics down to play in the dirt with […]

In Nadia Rhook’s latest collection Second Fleet Baby she writes of the differences and similarities between motherhood in contemporary and convict times. Nadia says of herself and her ancestor Susannah Mortimer, ‘As white women we have in common that part of our desirability, or function in the colony, is to reproduce the settler population. And […]

Paula Hayes says she hopes young people find comfort and escapism in her books. Reading as an adult took her out of her day to day and immersed her in a world she didn’t want to leave. ‘You just enter a different world for a while, but the themes of your own reality are still […]

For Yuot A. Alaak, stories were a way of distracting himself from the fear of enemy attack, starvation and hardship, and to keep hope alive. In this episode, Yuot discusses his City of Fremantle Hungerford Award shortlisted memoir, Father of the Lost Boys, which tells the story of his family, especially his father, Mecak Ajang […]

It has been an amazing two months of Love to Read Local Radio, and today’s episode is no different. We’ve brought together Madelaine Dickie (Red Can Origami), Helen Milroy (Backyard Birds) and Brenton E. McKenna (Ubby’s Underdogs Series) to discuss why they love to tell stories.

For anyone who thinks writing a picture book is easier than writing a novel, picture book creator Kelly Canby suggests you first write that novel, then condense it into 500 words without undermining its meaning or leaving out key plot points. Then get your pen and ink out and draw the illustrations as well!

In this all-ages episode we’re chatting to Maddie in the Middle author Julia Lawrinson about the complexities of female friendships. We ask her whether it’s ever okay to do the wrong thing for the right reason and we listen as Julia (who holds a PhD) completely bombs out in her pop quiz (#EpicFail) before she […]

In this packed podcast episode, HM Waugh and Rebecca Higgie discuss Waugh’s new book, The Lost Stone of SkyCity. This is the perfect podcast to launch at the beginning of NaNoWriMo.

Fogarty Literary Award winner Rebecca Higgie joins Holden Sheppard at the mic for this month’s episode of the Fremantle Press Podcast.

The shortlist has been announced for the 2019 Fogarty Literary Award and Western Australian author Rebecca Higgie is on the list. In this podcast she chats to Marketing and Communications Manager Claire Miller about her manuscript The History of Mischief and what it took to create the story.

The only Freo resident to make the Fogarty Literary Award, Mel Hall, came in to talk to Marketing and Communications Manager Claire Miller about her manuscript The Shapes.

Young adult novelist Nanci Nott talks to Marketing and Communications Manager Claire Miller about being longlisted for the 2019 Fogarty Literary Award.

In this episode of the Fremantle Press Podcast, Holden Sheppard speaks to Anne-Louise Willoughby about her biography of Australia’s first official female war artist and first female Archibald Prize winner, Nora Heysen: A Portrait.

In this episode of the Fremantle Press Podcast, Events Marketing Assistant Tiffany Ko speaks to Amanda Curtin about her new book Kathleen O’Connor of Paris.