What do they eat in Sudan?

Swimming on the Lawn by Yasmin Hamid follows the adventures of Farida, who lives with her family in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Sudanese culture and customs are brought to life, from the ubiquitous tea service and hearty breakfasts to the commemoration of Muslim holidays and the rites of birth and death.

Author Yasmin Hamid said she thought it was always more authentic if you wrote stories based, at least initially, on experiences and things that you know.

‘I used some events from my childhood in East Africa as a skeleton on which to build my children’s novel.

The preparation of food plays a large part in Farida’s life, as it is time spent being close to her mother and unconsciously learning how to cook. For Farida food is a gift to do with sharing and hospitality. Meals are a time when the family always gathers together, not just to eat, but for the adults to exchange news and discuss coming events. The children get to eavesdrop and when appropriate are allowed to contribute to the conversations.’


Our free teaching activity for ages 10 to 15 is a set of five postcards, each with a recipe for a typical Sudanese food or drink. On the back there is room for students to describe their favourite food or drink, including its origins and how to make it.


To order class sets send an email to admin@fremantlepress.com.au with the number of students in your classroom and your school’s address. While stocks last.

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