A Shot in the Dark: watch Karen Herbert chat to Jane Seaton about The River Mouth

Karen Herbert took to the stand on Wednesday 6 October to discuss her debut crime novel, The River Mouth, a small-town noir where long-kept secrets are bubbling up to the surface as part of this year’s A Shot in the Dark series. Karen was quizzed by Jane Seaton of Beaufort Street Books in Perth, with Jane asking Karen to spill the beans on being a first-time published author and what drew Karen to the genre.

In The River Mouth, it’s been ten years since Sandra’s son Darren was found in the Weymouth River with a gunshot wound to his chest. Sandra still doesn’t know who killed him. But when Sandra’s best friend also turns up dead, Sandra is forced to acknowledge a troubling link between the two.

For those who missed the event live, you can watch it now.

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