You’ll shed tears over our final A Shot in the Dark video featuring Alan Carter

A Shot in the Dark came to a thrilling end on Wednesday 17 November as Alan Carter said goodbye to Cato Kwong and discussed the latest book in the series, Crocodile Tears, with Craig Kirchner from Abbey’s Bookstore in Sydney.

Past espionage thriller, part police procedural, Crocodile Tears, the final instalment in the award-winning series, sees Cato’s life on the line and his only hope is someone from his past. But can he trust him?

When the investigation of Perth retiree found hacked to pieces in his home leads Detective Philip ‘Cato’ Kwong to Timor-Leste, with its recent blood-soaked history, he is reunited with an old frenemy, the spook Rory Driscoll who, in Cato’s experience, has always occupied a hazy moral terrain.

Resourceful, multilingual, and hard as nails, Rory has been Canberra’s go-to guy when things get sticky in the Asia-Pacific. Now Rory wants out. But first he’s needed to chaperone a motley group of whistleblowers with a price on their heads. And there’s one on his, too.

For those who missed the event live, you can watch it now using the video below.

Books discussed
Bad Seed
Getting Warmer

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