James Foley’s bestselling picture book, Stellarphant, gets set to fly to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Stellarphant by James Foley is one of just five Australian titles to make the 2022 White Ravens list.

Compiled by the team of experts at the International Youth Library, the list features 200 titles in 37 languages from 53 countries. All are recently published books that they consider especially noteworthy and of international interest, and that deserve wide recognition due to their exceptional and innovative literary style and design. The 200 books will be on display at the International Youth Library’s booth at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Stellarphant is the second James Foley picture book to make it onto the White Ravens List. The judges said, ‘James Foley’s hilarious new picture book tackles inter-species (and gender) discrimination in a highly enjoyable way. Readers will cheer loudly for Stella and her varied crew of creatures whose determination and resilience pop off the page. The colourful, comical illustrations catch witty details, such as the anthropomorphic animals’ facial expressions, and underline the absurdity of discrimination. An (inter-) stellar read!

To learn more about all the books on the list, follow @thewhiteravens.books on Instagram under the hashtag #ravenoftheday. You can download the catalogue as a PDF file from our website www.ijb.de:


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