Go ship to shore with Cristy Burne and this free teaching activity for her new book for junior readers, Into the Blue

In Into the Blue, what starts as a fun snorkelling adventure quickly becomes a test of character and conscience when Blair loses his brother’s beloved GoPro in the sea.

On this map of the Omeo wreck on Coogee Beach, draw and label the plants, animals, lost objects, trash and treasure you might see on an old shipwreck.

Discussion questions for your class might include:

  • Have you ever been snorkelling? Describe the experience. What was the weather like? Were the waves choppy or calm? How did you feel – excited or afraid?
  • What is a GoPro? Has anyone used one before?
  • Has anyone visited the Omeo? Or any other kind of shipwreck? What can you discover about it online? Western Australian Museum, Omeo shipwreck: Omeo | Maritime Archaeology Databases

You can download the activity sheets here and, for more teaching activities, download the free teaching notes here.

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