Create a profile of the African countries featured in Father of the Lost Boys for Younger Readers by Yuot A. Alaak.

In 1989, Mecak Ajang Alaak led the Lost Boys on a four-year journey from Ethiopia to Kenya to protect them from becoming child soldiers. To understand these countries better, create a country profile for each of the following four countries: South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya.

This activity gives kids the opportunity to learn practical research and writing skills as the curate the country profiles of those African nations featured in the Lost Boys’ journey.

Further discussion questions may include:

  • How is a memoir different to an autobiography?
  • Discuss the different ways a person could become a refugee (e.g. political, environmental) and how a refugee might be different to a migrant.
  • What does ‘multiculturalism’ mean in an Australian context?

You can download the activity sheets here and, for more teaching activities, download the free teaching notes here.

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