Waterwise doesn’t mean brown and dry, maintains Neil Delmage, co-author of From Coast to Country.

Lighthouse Girl by author Dianne Wolfer and illustrator Brian Simmonds was voted most popular picture book in the 2010 Western Australian Young Readers’ Book Awards.

What prompted you to change careers and become a writer? It was partly to do with a coincidence of timing and partly to do with finally being confident enough to pursue a dream.

When did you first become interested in Bhutan? Bhutan had been on our travel list for decades as a culturally fascinating and visually beautiful Himalayan country. We have had over thirty years of interest in Tibetan Buddhism, but could not face the sadness of visiting Tibet.

Stanley and Kaisa Breeden have won the 2010 Eric Rolls Prize for Natural History Writing for their story ‘Larry comes to Bulurru’.

A student poetry workshop organised by Fremantle Press and hosted by Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre has inspired students from Applecross Senior High School to keep writing.

Ron Elliott discusses his version of ‘the great Australian novel’ and the journey both he and his characters went on to tell the story of Spinner.

Cheryl Kickett-Tucker’s slightly spooky children’s book Barlay! has an important message for young kids.

Sally Morgan edited the Waarda series and created the books’ distinctive front covers. Now she has written her own book for the series called The Magic Fair .

Five Fremantle Press titles were shortlisted in the 2008 and 2009 Western Australian Premier’s Awards amongst a much increased number of entries from around Australia.

New Fremantle Press crime writer, Alan Carter, was shortlisted for the United Kingdom’s prestigious CWA Debut Dagger Award in 2010.

Building on successful rights sales into South Korea and India, Fremantle Press has secured three new sales in Asia.

The authors of Under Corporate Skies discuss why the felt they had to write this book.

Stanley and Kaisa Breeden on Wildflower Country.

This is your second novel for young adults. What was easier, and what was harder this time around? I wish my second novel had been easier! Both were challenging and rewarding in different ways.


VALE: Alec Choate

Noted Western Australian poet Alec Choate passed away on 2 August. Alec’s first volume, Gifts Upon the Water, was published by Fremantle Press in 1978, one of the earliest titles in the West Coast Writing series promoted by the Press.

Award-winning author, Norman Jorgensen, and illustrator James Foley are exposing the pain and the triumph of creating and publishing a picture book on their new blog .

Author of The West, John Mateer, says the question of this place, of being in Australia where American-style suburbs have grown out of British colonial settlements on land taken from Aboriginal peoples, profoundly shapes anything a poet can say.

Lighthouse Girl author Dianne Wolfer will officially donate manuscripts of her earlier novels and picture books to the State Library of Western Australia on 12 July 2010.

Speaking from Shanghai, where she lives for part of each year, Burning Bright poet Caroline Caddy discusses the influence of China on her writing. A lot of my poetry concerns China, and one of my collections, Working Temple, is all about China. I wrote that in the early 1990s, and now some of those pieces […]

Meet chef Emmanuel Mollois whose irrepressible enthusiasm is baked into every page of this gorgeous cookbook Et Voila!

New Poets author, Emma Rooksby, says she’s stopped asking herself if whether what’s on the page is ‘good enough’ and has turned her attention to expressing herself with authenticity.

Naama Amram joined Fremantle Press as an editorial intern on 24 May 2010 after securing one of four internships offered nationally by the Australian Publishing Association’s Internship Program.