Speaking to Brooke Dunnell on the Fremantle Press podcast, novelist Maria Papas said when she was younger some people told her ‘Writing’s not really a career for a girl from Bunbury … you have to pick something safer’. But, as she points out, her enjoyment of writing has held her in good stead so far. […]

Our 2021 Fogarty Literary Award winner, Brooke Dunnell, is behind the wheel and driving this year’s Fremantle Press podcast series. In her first episode Brooke visits the Western Australian Wheatbelt to experience the heat and intensity of the harvest through the eyes of her guest, novelist and combine harvester aficionado, David Allan-Petale. His book, Locust […]

In this episode of the Love to Read Local podcast Mel Hall tells to our host Maria Papas that curiosity led her to writing her novel, The Little Boat on Trusting Lane. Mel says, ‘I was living in Fremantle and I was pretty curious and a bit questioning about some sort of wellness stuff that […]

Susan Midalia says families can be nurturing, or they can be really damaging, but most of us have them. Family plays a key role in her latest novel, Everyday Madness. Susan says the book is about the ways in which ordinarily rational people can become irrational due to certain personal or social circumstances. She says […]

Josephine Taylor says ‘Now Eye of a Rook is in the world and my vulvodynia story is complete. My pain was not invited but it has brought me to this. How can I not be grateful?’ In this Love to Read Local Podcast, Jo talks to City of Hungerford winner Maria Papas about her new […]

The Last Bookshop by Emma Young is a book about what happens when you’re faced with the decision to sink or swim, it’s about a shared love of reading, finding your community and caring for one another. In this first Love to Read Local podcast Emma talks to talks to City of Hungerford winner Maria […]

In Rebecca Higgie’s penultimate episode as host of the Fremantle Press Podcast, we’re talking crime. Veteran crime writer Dave Warner joins the podcast to talk about his fifth book, Over My Dead Body, while new kid on the block Alexander Thorpe discusses his historical cosy crime debut, Death Leaves the Station.

Sharron’s manuscript, The Silence of Water, is one of three unpublished manuscripts in the running to win the 2020 City of Fremantle Hungerford Award. If she wins, she’ll secure herself a publishing contract with Fremantle Press and a $15,000 cash prize from the City of Fremantle.

Joanna Morrison’s manuscript, Still Dark, is shortlisted for the 2020 City of Fremantle Hungerford Award. If she wins, she’ll secure herself a publishing contract with Fremantle Press and a $15,000 cash prize from the City of Fremantle.   In this podcast she talks to Claire Miller about the process of working on her manuscript – […]

Maria Papas’s manuscript, I Belong to the Lake, is one of three unpublished manuscripts in the running to win the 2020 City of Fremantle Hungerford Award. If she wins, she’ll secure herself a publishing contract with Fremantle Press and a $15,000 cash prize from the City of Fremantle.   In this podcast, Maria chats to […]

Just days before COVID-19 sent us all home, Josephine Taylor and Catherine Noske jumped into the studio with Fremantle Press for an episode of Love To Read Local Radio. The two friends are best known in Western Australia’s literary community as editors of the journal Westerly and as academics and mentors, but this episode provided […]

Recorded at Perth Festival’s Literature and Ideas Weekend, this podcast is a live recording of the seminar ‘A Day in the Life of Bestselling Authors and Booksellers’, hosted by Holden Sheppard, with guests Natasha Lester, Michael Earp, Allyce Cameron and Aisling Lawless.

For Yuot A. Alaak, stories were a way of distracting himself from the fear of enemy attack, starvation and hardship, and to keep hope alive. In this episode, Yuot discusses his City of Fremantle Hungerford Award shortlisted memoir, Father of the Lost Boys, which tells the story of his family, especially his father, Mecak Ajang […]

What happens when you conference call with four talented Western Australian writers who are equally committed to short fiction as to long? Loads! Hosted by Susan Midalia, this episode of Love to Read Local Radio will give you a wonderful insight into where the urge to write comes from – those turning points in life […]

What do you get when you put two criminal masterminds together? David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis talking books! In this fascinating episode, the pair discuss the hero – or antihero – in Pol’s two books, Athenian Blues and Baby Blue. Stratos Gazis, an ‘ethical hitman’, has a moral code that controls his choices and leads […]

Sara Foster and Alexander Thorpe have never met, but this podcast feels like the meeting of kindred spirits. From the classic mysteries of Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey to the police procedurals of Val McDermid and the atmospheric psychological thrillers of Nicci French, their discussion of their favourite books is a masterclass in international crime […]

In this special Love to Read Local edition of the Fremantle Press podcast, novelist, journalist and Fogarty Literary Award shortlister, Emma Young, interviews her writing mentor Laurie Steed as well as her writing mentor’s mentor, Susan Midalia. Sound complicated? It’s not, it’s awesome.

Bron Bateman says she makes sense of the world through writing. She is an observer of her own life, absorbing every experience with all senses so she can articulate it in poetry. She’s also the ideal interviewee. She wants to answer every question put to her, no matter how difficult, because, she says, it’s only […]

Madelaine Dickie’s gripping new novel Red Can Origami explores the tensions between a Japanese uranium mining company and a Native Title group in regional Western Australia.

David Whish-Wilson is an award-winning crime writer whose latest book, True West, is out this month.

Fogarty Literary Award winner Rebecca Higgie joins Holden Sheppard at the mic for this month’s episode of the Fremantle Press Podcast.

 Set in the Gold Rush era, The Coves pulls no punches depicting those brutal times with uncompromising accuracy. Jessica Gately chats to David Whish-Wilson about his inspiration for the book and together the pair delve into what was, until recently, a suppressed footnote in history.

Out of Time by Steve Hawke is a powerful, and sometimes confronting, novel that explores ageing, mental illness and what a diagnosis – or impending diagnosis – can mean for the sufferer, their family and friends.

Michael Burrows is an author and poet from Perth. Here, he reads from his first novel, Where the Line Breaks, and talks about how it was inspired by an Anzac Day experience in Gallipoli, the search for Australian war poetry and his love for Western Australia. Describe your manuscript in your own words. Where the […]