This week in Love to Read Local we talk to Westerly Magazine editors Catherine Noske and Josephine Taylor about their own novels, the writing they love and the good, the bad and the brilliant parts of their day jobs as literary editors

The Fremantle Press Podcast
The Fremantle Press Podcast
This week in Love to Read Local we talk to Westerly Magazine editors Catherine Noske and Josephine Taylor about their own novels, the writing they love and the good, the bad and the brilliant parts of their day jobs as literary editors

Just days before COVID-19 sent us all home, Josephine Taylor and Catherine Noske jumped into the studio with Fremantle Press for an episode of Love To Read Local Radio. The two friends are best known in Western Australia’s literary community as editors of the journal Westerly and as academics and mentors, but this episode provided an opportunity to celebrate the release of Catherine’s debut book The Salt Madonna and to foreground Josephine’s forthcoming novel Eye of a Rook.

The pair discuss the complex structure of The Salt Madonna and how Catherine equated the rhythm of the writing process with her own experiences riding horses. In writing about unresolved violence in Australia, Catherine shares her struggle to lean in to uncertainty, holding multiple truths, untruths, impossible, unresolved and projected truths in a web of tension while creating a nuanced and compassionate work of fiction.

How do writers of this calibre maintain energy for their day jobs? The enthusiasm of these two colleagues and friends is readily apparent as they describe their work at Westerly, helping Western Australian writers to learn their craft and earn their place on national and international stages. The only downside, they say, is rejecting the works submitted – something they offset by providing writers with meaningful feedback. To get a taster of all the Westerly has to offer download the free digital edition or, better still, support them by buying a 12-month subscription.

Show notes:

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About this week’s guests Josephine Taylor and Catherine Noske

Eye of a Rook by Josephine Taylor (out in 2021 with Fremantle Press)

‘So Your Piece Has Been Rejected’ by Josephine Taylor

Josephine on socials: @jtaylorauthor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Josephine online:

Josephine Taylor is a writer and freelance editor who lives on the coast north of Perth, Western Australia. She is Associate Editor at Westerly Magazine and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Writing at Edith Cowan University. Josephine teaches, facilitates and judges in literary fiction and creative non-fiction. Her personal essays and fiction have been anthologised, and published in journals including AxonM/C Journal, Outskirts, Southerly, TEXT and Westerly. Her debut novel is Eye of a Rook.

The Salt Madonna by Catherine Noske

Catherine on socials: @CatherineNoskeWriter on Facebook and @katenoske on Instagram

Catherine online:

Catherine Noske is a writer and academic at the University of Western Australia. Her research focuses on contemporary Australian place-making and creative practice. She has been awarded the A.D. Hope Prize, twice received the Elyne Mitchell Prize for Rural Women Writers, and was shortlisted for the Dorothy Hewett Award (2015). She is editor of Westerly Magazine, and The Salt Madonna (Picador) is her debut novel.

Love to Read Local recommendations and books discussed

Fauna by Donna Mazza

Fineflour by Gillian Mears

Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears

‘Framed with Tenderness’ Maddie Godfrey

How To Be Held by Maddie Godfrey

‘The House at the Edge of Town’ by Matthew Hooton

‘The Exhibit’ by Donna Mazza

Tourmaline by Randolph Stow

Voss by Patrick White

Westerly Magazine: subscribe here or download your free online edition.

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