Fremantle Press and Alphabet Soup Books launch Right Way Down, a brand-new poetry anthology for kids

   March 16, 2024
   State Library of Western Australia

Join us for a celebration at the State Library of Western Australia as we launch Right Way Down, a collection of children’s poetry from 38 brilliant WA writers.

I’ve long been a fan of a series of articles called ‘How I Get It Done’, where impressive people with seemingly unlimited abilities (and resources) detail how they go about their day-to-day lives. Often this involves waking up at times that, until I had a baby, I thought were hypothetical numbers, pure maths proofs. Since […]

When I signed my publishing contract with Fremantle Press last year, my partner immediately started joking about resigning from work – to wave celebratory pompoms at my book events and writers’ fests, soothe my perpetually poetically-furrowed brow, and make sure my favourite brand of poetry-inspiring beverage is always close to hand. Show me the money […]

Fremantle Press poet Caitlin Maling, who is on the cusp of releasing Spore or Seed (July 2023), has been awarded the inaugural creative McAuley Fellowship at the University of Tasmania worth $10,000. Caitlin will spend two weeks in Hobart writing and presenting a masterclass for students and an event for the general public. The fellowship […]

Bron Bateman sits down with Unlimited Futures contributors Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes and Afeif Ismail to chat about translating texts and the consequential loss of original meaning and intention. ‘Because language is very much intimately linked with the history, the experience, the culture of the people in question,’ says Yirga ‘when we are unable to bring […]

In this episode of the poetry podcast Andrew Sutherland talks to Bron Bateman about how he found his queer identity as a teenager through cult TV, horror movies and science fiction. Andrew says, ‘I really enjoy as an art-maker bringing academia or bringing the canon or the classics down to play in the dirt with […]

In Nadia Rhook’s latest collection Second Fleet Baby she writes of the differences and similarities between motherhood in contemporary and convict times. Nadia says of herself and her ancestor Susannah Mortimer, ‘As white women we have in common that part of our desirability, or function in the colony, is to reproduce the settler population. And […]

Bron Bateman’s latest collection of poems, Blue Wren, is structured around a suite of Frida Kahlo paintings that provide a powerful way of healing, of reclaiming the past and of embracing the beauty of now. But in this article, Bron shares how the collection might never have been without some key advice from a friend. […]

Hassan Al Nawwab was born in Iraq in 1960 and came to Australia in 2003 with his wife and children. He is a poet and journalist who has published three volumes of poetry and two plays in Arabic, and has received numerous awards for his poems.

Vociferate | 詠 is Western Australian writer Emily Sun’s debut poetry collection. Alice Pung has described the book as ‘polemical, personal and political’ – in it, Emily meditates upon a range of issues that have shaped her world. Emily was born in British colonial Hong Kong to stateless diasporic-Chinese parents, who are descendants of Chinese […]

Hello and welcome to December. In what’s been a tough year for so many, we are very happy to report some good news this month. Congratulations are in order for three wonderful Fremantle Press creators.

The Future Keepers by Nandi Chinna is one five poetry collections in the running to win a Prime Minister’s Literary Award. Fremantle Press author Meg McKinlay also made the cut in the children’s literature section. Designed to celebrate exceptional Australian literary talent, 30 books were chosen from 562 entries across six categories. Chinna and McKinlay […]

Caitlin Maling’s most recent poetry collection, Fish Song, is rich and diverse, exploring physical landscapes as well as historical and socio-cultural aspects of place. In these poems, she travels the coast of Western Australia, writing about what the ocean provides and questioning what poetry might offer by way of solace and reconnection in an age […]

The poems of writer and environmental activist Nandi Chinna tease out and explore her own experiences of change, in her body and in the plants, animals and ecosystems around her. In The Future Keepers, Chinna invites us to consider our role as custodians of a precious planet – and how what we value, how we […]

Wednesday 5 June marks World Environment Day, which is a celebration of all built and natural environments across the planet. With an increasing focus on climate change, plastic use and sustainability, this is the perfect chance to open discussion on these topics in your classroom.

Members of the Emerging Writers Pilot Program will meet for the first time later this month at a workshop run by Fremantle Press and WA Poets Inc.

Fremantle Press poet Caitlin Maling has been awarded the prestigious 2017 Patricia Hackett Prize.

Acclaimed poet Tracy Ryan’s ninth poetry collection, The Water Bearer, is an intimate exploration of water and its many forms, from filling a second-hand cooler in an old country house to swimming lessons and ocean riptides. In this stunning volume, Ryan explores water as the life-giving and life-taking force that defines our existence.

Sister Heart by Sally Morgan has been shortlisted for a 2018 Adelaide Festival Award for Literature in the children’s category.

Fremantle Press congratulates poet Caitlin Maling on receiving a 2017 Marten Bequest scholarship. Caitlin has been awarded $50,000 to further her eco-critical practice through residencies and research in Australia and in Italy.

We asked editors Tracy Ryan and John Kinsella to pick us a poem each from The Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry. Here’s what they chose.

Dennis Haskell’s poetry collection Ahead of Us has been longlisted for the ALS Gold Medal. The ALS Gold Medal is awarded annually by the Association for the Study of Australian Literature for an outstanding literary work in the preceding calendar year. Haskell said it was a bit unusual for a poetry book to get listed.

Caitlin Maling is one of sixteen Australian writers awarded grant money of up to $50,000 to undertake a new arts project.

Sally Morgan’s Sister Heart was one of 30 books by Australian authors shortlisted for a 2016 Prime Minister’s Literary Award this week. Selected from 425 entries, Morgan wins $5,000 for being shortlisted and goes into the running to win $80,000.