VALE: Alec Choate

Noted Western Australian poet Alec Choate passed away on 2 August. Alec’s first volume, Gifts Upon the Water, was published by Fremantle Press in 1978, one of the earliest titles in the West Coast Writing series promoted by the Press.

Fremantle Press eBooks are now available from . Jon Doust’s Miles Franklin long-listed book, Boy on a Wire, and best-selling young adult novel, Destroying Avalon, are just some of the novels available on the new eBooks webpage.

Meet chef Emmanuel Mollois whose irrepressible enthusiasm is baked into every page of this gorgeous cookbook Et Voila!

Naama Amram joined Fremantle Press as an editorial intern on 24 May 2010 after securing one of four internships offered nationally by the Australian Publishing Association’s Internship Program.

Check out the new cover image for What is Left Over, After by Natasha Lester. Natasha won the 2008 T.A.G. Hungerford Award and is looking forward to her book’s release in October. This could be you!

Fremantle Press and Planet Books invite you to celebrate the launch of PoMo Oz: Fear and Loathing Downunder by Niall Lucy.

Fremantle Press, Wooldridges Education Superstores and Carmel School invite you to celebrate the launch of Hetty: A True Story by Hetty Verolme.


What’s New in 2010?

Fremantle Press Publishers, Jane Fraser, Georgia Richter and Cate Sutherland provide a sneak preview of the 2010 publishing program.

Emmanuel Mollois, author of Et VoilÃ? !, is to appear on ABC TV’s new program ‘Poh’s Kitchen’, which will air in February 2010. He will be the first of several guest chefs to work alongside MasterChef’s 2009 runner-up Poh Ling Yeow.

Australian Ambassador to the United States Kim C. Beazley (MP) has recorded the audio version of his father’s memoir Father of the House for the Association for the Blind – Guide Dogs WA.

No-one really knows what the impact of the Productivity Commission recommendations to the current parallel import provisions might be, if indeed the Government acts upon the recommendations.

Illustrator and Botanist Ellen Hickman was one of just 13 Western Australians to be awarded a Churchill Fellowship last week.

Time travel enthusiasts! Join award-winning West Australian Science Fiction Authors as they discuss the great authors and films that define the theories of time travel and time machines.

Subiaco-based businesses iFish Films and Kitchen Witch generously donated their time and equipment for a short film featuring Emmanuel Mollois.

Botanical artist Ellen Hickman won the Wilderness Society’s Best Picture Book Award for Tuart Dwellers on 5 June 2009.

Award-winning pastry chef and author Emmanuel Mollois will visit Swanbourne Primary School to teach children the art of food appreciation on Friday 15 May.

Author of the Hal Spacejock series Simon Haynes has been shortlisted for his third science fiction award in 2009.

Kitchen Witch in Subiaco announced a new series of cooking classes featuring Fremantle Press author Emmanuel Mollois this week.

What has your previous writing experience been? I’ve had two children’s books published, Magpie Mischief and Magwheel Madness.

Allyson (Ally) Crimp started on the Fremantle Press design desk this month. She replaces Tracey Gibbs who will continue to work as a freelance art director and illustrator for Fremantle Press while running her own design company.

The complete Hal Spacejock series is now available online for less than twenty Australian dollars.

Chris Pash, author of The Last Whale, will return to the English-speaking world’s last whaling station this month for a reunion of ex-whalers to mark the 30-year anniversary of the end of whaling in Australia.

Over 180 people joined author Janda Gooding and members of the Botanical Artists Group for the launch of Brush with Gondwana on Thursday 6 November.