What would you do without the internet? What would your life look like? Who would you be? Brendan Ritchie discussed this and more when we spoke to him about his upcoming novel, Carousel.

Before Kyle Hughes-Odgers published Ten Tiny Things with Meg McKinlay, he was a well-known street artist with works in cities around the world. He’s even been asked to paint the Perth airport! To celebrate the release of his new book, On a Small Island, why not take a look around Perth for some of Kyle’s […]


Meet Kate McCaffrey

High school teacher and celebrated author Kate McCaffrey is best known for her award-winning YA novels Destroying Avalon, In Ecstasy and Beautiful Monster. Her latest book for teens is Crashing Down.

WA author Dianne Touchell’s debut novel is heading to Germany.

Harmless might be an interesting resource to consider when exploring the cross-curriculum priority: Asia and Australia’s relationship with Asia. The free book club notes include an author interview and discussion questions. Or try this teaching activity for Year 10.

Debut author Zoe Thurner discusses Dress Rehearsal her novel for young adults …

This is your second novel for young adults. What was easier, and what was harder this time around? I wish my second novel had been easier! Both were challenging and rewarding in different ways.

Best selling young adult novelist Kate McCaffrey won over readers with her cyber bullying novel Destroying Avalon before reaching the North American market with her hard hitting second novel In Ecstasy. In Beautiful Monster she’s writing about eating disorders. Kate tells us why.