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We’re absolutely thrilled to have not one, not two, but four of our amazing books serialised in The West Australian’s ED! supplement in 2019.

There are lots of exciting freebies to get your hands on for extra-fun sessions in the classroom this term. So check out what’s available below and grab some activity sheets to inspire creativity and learning in the classroom. All of the activity sheets and posters are available for download, just click on the image, download […]

We’re sure by now you’ll have fallen in love with the Fremantle Press books being serialised in The West Australian.

Grab all the latest bookmarks and activity sheets for the new releases from Fremantle Press.

Debut author Ian Mutch’s picture book, More and More and More, was published at the beginning of October on World Habitat Day.

Meet Me at the Intersection contributor Olivia Muscat was 13 when she began to lose her sight. Here she talks about how the Harry Potter series defined a pivotal moment in her life, coming to terms with being different and ways in which teachers can work with difference and disability in the classroom.

World Habitat Day took place earlier in October, with people all over the world celebrating the places they live. Nature-loving Fremantle Press authors Deb Fitzpatrick and Cristy Burne explore what it’s all about, and suggest some exciting activities on that theme for the classroom or at home.

Fremantle Press author Deb Fitzpatrick is a familiar face at many schools and writing workshops in and around Perth.

It’s no secret I love science and stories. The two aren’t so very different: they both rely on discovering new things, they both require wonder, and they both rock August, that mega-month when National Science Week and Children’s Book Week unite.

As Fremantle Press gets ready to publish YA anthology Meet Me at the Intersection, one of the book’s editors, Rebecca Lim, offers six tips for how to reflect diversity in class materials and discussions.

Our free WWI activity kit is a great way for the little ones to learn about Australian history. Enjoy activity sheets from Dianne Wolfer’s In the Lamplight and Lighthouse Girl, and Norman Jorgensen’s In Flanders Fields.

‘You can change anything at all. It is foolish to think there is no light on the horizon.’ Drawn Onward by Meg McKinlay and Andrew Frazer uses a combination of language and typography to demonstrate how to move thoughts from the negative to the positive.

Behind every successful creator is a first story, a first line, a first drawing. James Foley’s passion for art started young, with a step-by-step drawing of Bart Simpson and some ‘public murals’ on and underneath the tables of his childhood home. These days, James writes and illustrates for a living, and regularly presents to schoolkids […]

Award-winning author and teacher Sally Murphy has begun a new Teacher Tuesday segment on her website. Each week she’ll match one of her books with the curriculum links for a particular year level, starting with Looking Up for Year 3 classrooms.

Have you ever wanted to enlarge something to enormous proportions? Now you can* with the latest teaching activity for James Foley’s Dungzilla!

Need a last-minute Book Week activity? Why not get your students to create and use semaphore flags or morse code? Morse code and the semaphore signalling method was used to communicate important military information, home-front anxieties and, eventually, hopes for a more peaceful world. We’ve created some handy activity sheets for the book Lighthouse Girl by […]

Swimming on the Lawn by Yasmin Hamid follows the adventures of Farida, who lives with her family in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Sudanese culture and customs are brought to life, from the ubiquitous tea service and hearty breakfasts to the commemoration of Muslim holidays and the rites of birth and death.

We have class sets of our free teaching activity; ‘Do you know your Aussie animals?’ available to order or download now. In the meantime, author Deb Fitzpatrick talks about her new novel, The Spectacular Spencer Gray, and why it features Australia’s most endangered mammal.

Find out how to get the latest free bookmarks and teaching activities from Fremantle Press.

Why not extend the fun of book week by ordering your class a free set of bookmarks, posters and activities?

Sally Tinker of S. Tinker Inc. is the world’s foremost inventor under the age of 12 and creator of Brobot: Just as a Brother Should Be (patent pending). Fremantle Press is offering five lucky schools the chance to win two special Brobot gift packs: one for the classroom and one for the person who designs […]

We all want more time for reading, so who wouldn’t want their very own ‘do not disturb’ sign for the bedroom door? Our free one is very special!

Representation matters, including in picture book illustrations. Perhaps especially in illustrations, because children are fluent in the language of art in a way that most adults are not. There is no aspect of an illustration that escapes the attention of a child, and this means that to create art for children is to speak to an audience more attuned to the nuances of representation than yourself. This is one of the reasons why the misrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in illustration – or the misrepresentation of other diverse peoples, for that matter – should never be dismissed as being ‘only a picture book’.